Gula Stallet Mat & Rum, Målhammar 15, 725 98  Västerås  +46706052264

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Our sheep & lambs graze in spring, summer & autumn. During winter they have free access to hay & the cozy stable.The lambs are born in april and only a few days old they play around with their friends.

During summer the sheep & lambs graze together. In autumn we move the young rams to their own pasture. To minimize the stress, we drive the animals ourselves in to a small & local slaughterhouse.

Our grazing animals are valuable, keeping the landscapes open & give us meat & sheepskin. You can buy the meat in our farmshop & taste it in our dishes. The sheep-skins are made into finished products & sold in our farmshop. In the process, we use either the mineral alum or the bark type Tara.